Agatti Island

<p>Agatti is located about 459 km (285 mi) off Kochi in the mainland and 7 km to the southwest of Bangaram, the nearest island. Agatti is 531 km away from Kollam (Quilon) and 529 km away from Kollam Port.[3] Kavaratti, the closest inhabited island, lies 54 km to the SE and Suheli Par atoll 76 km to the south. Agatti Atoll&#39;s total land area is 3.226 km2 (1.246 sq mi) (of it, The main island 3.141 km2 (1.213 sq mi) and the small Kalpatti Island has 0.085 km2 (0.033 sq mi). Kalpatti is located at the southern end on the same reef.The lagoon area is 24.84 km2 (9.59 sq mi).</p>

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