<p>Kanchipuram, a “City of a Thousand Temples” is a significant pilgrim center of the Hindu religion. Kanchipuram forms part of the Golden triangle of Tamilnadu ( the other two being Chennai and Mahabalipuram ). Kanchipuram was once the capital city of the Pallava dynasty and boasted of a thousand temple built in. Current times see only about 100 temples remain which are still remarkable for their architectural style and religious diversity.</p> <p>The region is a pioneer in the production of beautiful silk saris which is a must buy from the artisans as souvenirs. The weaving of these silk saris can be witnessed at one of the co-optic centers of Kanchipuram.</p> <p>Kanchi is one of the seven sacred pious places and cities in India The intricate architecture of the temples represent the rich culture and fine arts of south India. The charming natural beauty blended with the religious allure makes the city sought-after destinations for travelers. </p>

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